A young and uncertain Joseph Goebbels rushes in to his beloved Judith Rosenbaum. They are student colleagues at the same university. Goebbels is juvenile and brooding, while Judith seems to display a greater maturity, not least when it comes to their relationship.
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An early photo, showing Goebbels together with his fellow students.

The character of Judith Rosenbaum, who later in the opera appears as the dressing assistant to Zarah Leander, is based upon the true story of Else Janke. She was engaged with her fellow student, Joseph Goebbels, during their studies at the university of Heidelberg.
In sharp contrast to Hitler Goebbels was not at this time particularly pronounced antisemit. However he did not get along with the fact that the mother of his fiancée was of Jewish origin. Since 1922 he was occupied ever more with the writings of Oswald Spengler and Houston Stewart Chamberlain.