Orkesterverket ¨MIND THE GAP!¨ (1997) kan avlyssnas här eller nedan i en inspelning från uruppförandet 1999 med Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, dir. Mikko Franck (prod. Jan B. Larsson) med tillstånd från SR:
Lördagen den 5 september uruppför Martin Sturfält ¨Chaconne¨ för piano på Konserthuset i Stockholm, under en pianomaraton som börjar kl. 14. Så här skriver Martin på sin blogg om stycket:
¨The piece in question is called Chaconne and was commissioned by me from Swedish composer Anders Nilsson. Anders has written two works for solo piano before, and me and my colleagues widely recognize those as some of the best music written for piano in Sweden in the last few decades. Those works were both composed more than 20 years ago, and despite their success we have had to wait a long time for another piano work from Anders' pen... until NOW! Personally I can hardly wait to present this new piece to the public, and I have just come far enough in the learning process to finally hear it properly myself, and just as I suspected we are faced with some powerful and beautiful music.¨